On June 28, only 140 kilometers from Moscow will host the largest independent festival “Wild Mint”. For three days, guests will be able to enjoy performances of Russian and foreign artists, high -quality sound and a rich entertainment program. The slogan of the festival sounds promising: “It will be legendary!»We figure out why” wild mint “should become a mandatory item in your list” Counselide this summer “.


This year, more than 100 musicians will perform at the Wild Mint festival. The British stars of the 90s Primal Scream, the cult “Mumiy Troll”, Dolphin and Aquarium, the favorite of the audience of Antokha MS and the traditionally-Folk rock group The Hatters. You can see the young, but already loved spectators Shortparis, Monetochka and Komsomolsk, or hear the song “On the dawn” of the Alliance group that has already become a legend.

Who else? Basta, Alai Oli, James Leg, “Supervisors”, Dubioza Kolektiv, Neuromonk Feofan, Lola Marsh, Erica Loondmoen, Dakooka, Cockroaches!”, Sirotkin,” Parks, Squares and Alleys “and several dozen artists.

Vacation with children

Children on


“Wild Mint” can be envied – specially for them organized a large children’s territory with playgrounds, theaters, children’s cafes, attractions. In addition, this zone will have its own scene, on which the performances of young musicians will be held, whose average age is only six years old.

At the festival, as in previous years, a kindergarten is working, where parents will be able to leave the child under the supervision of experienced psychologists for a couple of hours. You can come to the festival even with the smallest ones: on the “wild mint” a convenient room of the mother and child with changing tables, washing machines, refrigerators and slabs is organized.

Non -recuited entertainment

What to do in breaks between your favorite groups? For travelers, a morning tour of Polenovo is organized, where you will learn about the life of the artist Vasily Polenov and his family, visit the exhibitions of his works and walk his favorite routes. And those who like to eat deliciously, like a gastronomic tour with tasting smoked sturgeon, black caviar and ostrich eggs.

The film lectures will work, where creative meetings with artists, film and cartoons, lectures of famous speakers will be held- in the program of this year, philologist and journalist Leonid Klein, fiction writer Vadim Panov, TV presenter Mikhail Kozhukhov and others. It will also be possible to ride on ATVs, fly in a balloon and purchase unusual souvenirs at several fairs.

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